CAMADA WIRE FOX TERRIER 2015 2015 Wire Fox T. litter

CH Cacopoulos

Alexander the Great

Multi CH

Dominus White Diamond

GB CH Hillrise Special Delivery

GB CH Travella Stand and Deliver

Wiregait Party Charmer at Hillrise

Beekay Blithe Spirit

Valken Flying Fox

GB CH Beekay Busy Bee

Cacopoulos Perla Negra

CH Cacopoulos Most Wanted

Multi CH Travella Stike Accord

Ch. Cacopoulos Apaloosa

Cacopoulos Paradise Avenue

Nisto V. D. Bismarckquelle 

Cacopoulos Luna Rossa

CH Arterriers

Il Retorno di Pompei

Gib CH Cacopoulos Most Wanted

Multi CH

Travella Strike Accord

Travella Strike's Double

Travella Maiden

CH Cacopoulos Apaloosa

Multi CH. Yahon V. D. Bismarck. 

Espai de Chapeau Terrier

Gib CH Cacopoulos Passionata

Nisto V. D. Bismarckquelle

Multi CH Shadow V. D. Bismarck.

CH Zemelie V. D. Bismarckquelle

Cacopoulos Luna Rossa

Multi CH Travella Stike Accord 

Sp Gib CH Cacopoulos Strike Twice